About SayWhere

SayWhere is all about people, places and property. It’s about thinking globally, acting locally.

This is the first mobile app on the South African market to harness the information that exists about business and leisure activities within towns for the benefit, first and foremost, of their local communities.

In turn, SayWhere is a valuable resource for towns across South Africa to stimulate, encourage and drive support for their local economies.

The added value to those towns is that the SayWhere app, by its very nature, then also provides vital information for the all-important visitor economy, from tourists seeking travel destinations, new residents looking to relocate or those who want to do business in the region.

SayWhere currently has 31 live portals consisting of 12 towns, 5 commercial portals and 14 towns hosted as subdomains. SayWhere’s active listings include accommodation, restaurants and food establishments, adventures and events, general business listings, lifestyle including home and garden, art including artists and galleries, and property listings.

SayWhere? Anywhere in South Africa.